Digital Marketing

If you are looking to expand your influence into the Social Media arena with Facebook or Twitter, we are able to provide a number of ways to help with this
On the most basic level, we can integrate feed information from your existing Facebook, Twitter or other accounts with your website to show your visitors all the latest information.
On a more advanced level, if you are using a blog or news system on your website, we can link this together with your Facebook / Twitter pages so that when you perform an update on your main website, your social media pages are updated automatically.
One thing that is important (particularly for businesses) is to have consistent branding across your website and your other information sources. To that effect we can produce graphic or HTML elements to be used when customising your social media pages to provide real cohesion to the end user whilst working within the constraints imposed by the third party site.

 We create social media pages, links for you.
 We write blog on behalf of you.
 We make your business name active in all social media websites, blog pages and Google engine.
 74% of marketers saw an increase in traffic after spending just 6 hours per week on social media.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) : We can create an interactive, modern, eye-catching website for you or your business. Our aim is to help you build a strong online presence by creating a search engine friendly professional website or Maintain your existing one. SEO is important in order to target your customers and increase sales.We’re passionate about helping businesses improve their online user experience and therefore generate more traffic to their website and increase sales.

We Provide 3 packages for SEO & SMO that are as follows:

Most of the Businesses believe that having a Facebook or a Twitter profile is sufficient for creating posts and tweets but the research says its not. Here at Cloud9i our SMO professionals creates a tailored post with all the backlinks to the targeted services/products. We run paid campaigns on Facebook to target your audience with their demographic locations. Our target is to increase the traffic on to your Facebook page and to your website. We will also provide the Google analytical report to show the difference on monthly basis.

Basic Basic

5 Meta Keywords for Google optimization
Facebook:4 posts/month
Twitter :4 posts/month
Instagram:4 posts/month
LinkedIn :4 posts/month


10 Meta Keywords for Google optimization.
Facebook:8 posts/month
Twitter :8 posts/month
Instagram:8 posts/month
LinkedIn :8 posts/month


15 Meta keywords for Google optimization
Facebook: 12 posts/month
Twitter: 12 posts/month
Instagram: 12 posts/month
LinkedIn :12 posts/month

*All above packages comes in minimum of 12 months contract. We also done customized packages for our corporate page.