Education Technology

Our vision : Streaming and synchronizing all level and aspects of education into a single portal

Our mission : Modernization of traditional educational system and techniques which shall facilitate teachers as well as students for better education

Our Purpose

Combining the requirements of the government, teaching faculty and students into a single portal to facilitate information at ANY TIME, ANY PLACE by JUST A CLICK.

 Ensuring more admissions to teaching faculties.
 Digitalization of old records.
 Result oriented approach
 Reducing student dropout rate and student failing rate by proving easy access to wider range of study material.

Procedure of the program

 Complete government control over functioning and running of the education system
 Ensuring every educational body is controlled and answerable to government authorities
 Educational bodies to connect all students through means of digitalization.
 Government control over activities of student and ensuring reach of educational media to student.

One click facilities

 Information broadcast : Providing easy excess to students, teachers as well the authorities on various notification applications etc.
 Time saving : Facilitating opportuntating to work anytime anywhere.
 Online fee payment
 Report generation : Easy generations of report on the bases of categories gender age field and other such bases.
 Triple layer secured documentation : Regarding student data base about mark sheet degree etc.
 Highly advance technology : Smart auto controlled techniques
 E-library : Study material with respect to various courses, subjects, and classes.
 Enhancement of teaching facilities : Quality education and healthy competition among the teaching faculties.
 Control and distribution of other facilities : Related to books, cycles, uniforms, sports utilities, etc.
 Bridging the gap between students and their gap carrier.
 Check on multiple applications like same form being filled by teacher student or any other person.
 Students associations and monitoring.
 Various means of access : Like SMS, E-mail, App Notifications.
 Time Table : Schedules regarding exams, Syllabus, etc.
 Information about government schemes : Various schemes available for Female, OBC, other categories, Disabled persons, etc.

Advantages to government and authorities

 Transparency, Control and ease in management.
 Availability of Bio- Metric of Teachers, Staff and Students.
 People co-operation and confidence.
 Complete management and student development Through Digitalization.

Scope for easy adaptability of future changes

 User interface : All users connected through digital media can have their accounts created in just one click.
 Emergency and disaster management : In case of any emergency in any area, smooth recovery and growth can be ensured.