Keyword Research – The Real Game Changer for your online Business

23 June 2021


Keyword is the most important factor of your business in online Game because keywords are what people use to find your business through your website. This total concept is based on a good keyword research. Good keyword research increases the probability that search engines will rank the pages on your website high for your target keyword.


What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of brainstorming, researching and analysis your competitor & choosing right keywords to target in your business. In short word we can say keyword gives identity to your business in online market.

For Keyword Research there are lots of Tools but here are some main Tools name: -

  • Google Keyword Planner

  • Ubersuggest

  • Wordsteam

Types of Keywords?

There are 3types of keywords for website discoverability.

For Keyword Research there are lots of Tools but here are some main Tools name: -

  • Short-Tail Keyword – In this case we are using 1-word keywords. These words have a high search volume; they also have increased competition and may not direct your target audience to your website.

    Example -

    1. 1. Marketing
    2. 2. Cabs
    3. 3.Clothing

  • Mid-Tail Keywords – In this case we are using 2-word keywords. Mid- Tail keywords fall between head keywords, which have a high volume of traffic but are highly competitive.

    Example -

    1. 1. Best cars
    2. 2. Famous Designer
    3. 3. Best shoes

  • Long Tail Keywords – Here We are using 3 or more than 3 – keywords. It is the best for new business for ranking propose. Long Tail keywords have a small volume of traffic but with less competition and higher conversion rates.

  • Example -

    1. 1. Ayurvedic hospital near me
    2. 2.Best Grocery shop in UK
    3. 3. Small Space interior designer

Why Keyword Research is important?

As we know search engine also plays a major role. So, Google is the leader of all search engines in the world because Google has 92.18 percent of the market share as of July 2019

Presently, like never before previously, our economy is running on the Internet. Organizations that can't be discovered online won't succeed, and watchword research gives the beginning stage to understanding your purchaser's excursion.

For online business There are 3 areas where keyword Research is much more Important:

1. SEO - The first and most obvious reason we need keyword research is to optimize for organic search because for crawler organic search is the 1st major thing to attract the website click & click to lead.

2. For your content Marketing – We all know the importance of content. Good content always be the 1st priority of your website. SEO and Content are the main pillar for your website. According to your business correct keyword research is the main factor for you content strategy.

3. Paid Campaigns - your paid campaigns ought to likewise be keyword centered. Regardless of whether it be your paid search advertisements, display promotions, remarketing, or social media ads, these techniques should be keyword centered.

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